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Welcome to DeseretDesigns Order the Silhouette Cameo Accessory Package Inside the Accessory Package

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You will find great baking tips, my gum paste recipe and instructions for getting the perfect cut with your electronic cutter.

Welcome to DeseretDesigns. My name is Linda McClure. My husband, Jeff, and I have a small cake decorating business in Vidalia, La.  We specialize in custom designed wedding cakes. The sugar flowers featured on many of the cakes are hand made in our shop. Please contact us at 318-336-5900 or email us at jefflindamcclure@bellsouth.net for more information.  Go to the link at the top of this page to place your order. We look forward to working with you.

You can see several examples of cakes at our bakery web site www.thebakerycottage.com

For years, I've been decorating cakes the same way as everyone else, using traditional cake decorating tools.  I saw an infomercial demonstrating the beautiful designs cut from paper that can be made using an electronic paper cutting machine and wondered if this could be used in cake decorating.  My daughter had one of these machines and we began experimenting.  It took some time but I finally figured out what was necessary to cut gumpaste using an electronic paper cutting machine.

I am not very artistically inclined, so painting beautiful designs on my cakes or crafting cute gum paste figures was out of the question. My clients would bring me pictures of cakes with beautiful scroll work and I would try to match a cutter I had to the design. Discovering what I could do with this type of machine opened up a new world of creative designs for me. No artistic talent is required to create amazing cakes.

After receiving several phone calls and emails about my cakes, I decided to make a DVD showing just how this is done. The DVD sold thousands of copies around the world, introducing cake decorators everywhere to this creative method.  This web site has many of the cakes I have made using an electronic cutting machine to make the decorations. You will be surprised at how quick and easy it is.

We feature the Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter. I am very impressed with the great results I get with this machine. I really like the print and cut feature. In the DVD that comes with the accessory package that we sell I show you how to print any design or picture on gum paste or an icing sheet. The Silhouette has the ability to cut out the outline of the image.

Many of the cakes in this web site are examples of the technique I developed. I invented the technique of using electronic cutters for cutting gum paste, but you can also cut icing sheets. I prefer the icing sheets from Icing Images. The white sheets are bright white and look great for the print and cut feature. The colored sheets are great to work with and the colors are bold and vibrant to beautiful soft pastels. They have a large selection of colors to choose from.


The best machine I have found for this method is the Silhouette.

We do not sell the Silhouette Cameo but we do sell the accessory package for the Silhouette Cameo. It will also work with the older version of Silhouette cutters and the new smaller Silhouette Portrait. 


There are several sources for buying the Silhouette. Here are just a few of them:










Just enter Silhouette Cameo in the search window of the web site and it will take you to the page where the Cameo is sold.