Food Truck Extras

FOOD TRUCK FOR SALE Food Truck Interior Food Truck Extras Welcome to DeseretDesigns Order the Silhouette Cameo Accessory Package Inside the Accessory Package

Everything you need to get started. Just buy the food you want to serve and you are in business!

two white boards for your menu

fancy frames to hold the menu boards

five tall biestro tables to set outside the food truck for customer use

several pans that will fit in the sandwich bar, chafing dish or hot box

electric skillet - there are also a few large crock pots

clip on fans for the interior of the truck

two emergency battery chargers

roll top chafing dish

chafing dish

Nacho sauch dispenser- will heat and cleanly pump nacho sauce from a #10 can

extra large hot dog cooker-will cook and keep hot dogs and sausages warm and ready to serve

commercial meat slicer-great for deli thin meats, cheese or bread

the best ice cream maker- electric and comes with 2 extra drums-does not require ice

great looking pop corn machine-will plug into the exterior plug on the truck

pro hot box-will keep food hot for several hours

four large plastic bins full of serving dishes and containers with lids

An electronic vinyl cutting machine is included in this package. You can buy any color of vinyl you like and easily design, cut and apply your own personalized designs and logo on the food truck.