Dessert nail designs

Dessert nail designs

Looking for some new and daring dessert nail designs? Then check out our selection of delicious dessert nails! Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity, or want something with a little more oomph, we’ve got you covered. From chocolatey treats to fluffy cream puffs, we’ve got the perfect design for you. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start decorating your nails with some delicious dessert nails!

When the warm summer time comes, there is a desire to bring something creative and bright into everyday life. That’s why original designs appear in manicure trends. The design with ice cream, the most popular summer treat, will give the image a special zest.

Dessert nail designs

Design options with sweets

Thanks to the flexibility of modern trends, you can implement almost any unusual idea on the nails, including drawings with a variety of sweets. With such a manicure combines almost any modern summer look, and especially beachwear.

Despite the fact that manicure ideas with sweets are very diverse, you can roughly divide them into several categories:

  1. With donuts. One of the most interesting and juicy trends of the summer season. To create such a design, bright colors are most often used, for example, shades of red and blue. Donuts can be different in diameter, with icing and sprinkles or without it, any of the options in their own way is good.
  2. With cakes. A very sweet, summer version of the manicure. No modern fashionista will not refuse colorful sweets on the nails. For originality, you can depict whole cakes on all nails, and on one – a bitten one.
  3. With cotton candy. Fans of glamorous style will definitely like this design. On a cream or white background looks great playfully pink cotton candy.
  4. With ice cream. Most often for the image of ice cream are used soft cream, light shades, but they can safely be combined with more fun and bright elements on other nails. Glossy polishes and waxing are best for such drawings.

Cupcakes on nails

Cupcakes can be depicted on each nail, or you can highlight with them separate nails – for example, the middle or ring finger. You can diversify them with macaroons, lollipops on a stick or other sweets. All this will look very cool and appetizing. A bright manicure with cupcakes would be perfect for a party, a holiday and the beach.

If you do not have enough time, but want to decorate your nails with sweet cupcakes, you can resort to special stickers. With their help, the process will be much easier. For the basis, you can take not only monochrome lacquers, very cool will look moon or French design.

Manicure design with ice cream

When summer comes, you want to accentuate the beauty of your nails. And a manicure with an image of ice cream will be a great choice. Summer manicure will look amazing on nails of any length. There are the following options:

  • Very cool looks ice cream, decorating only one or a few nails, when the rest are covered with clear varnish;
  • Ice cream patterns can be applied to an ombré finish;
  • It is possible to depict on nails different kinds of sweet treats: ice cream on a stick, in a cup or cone;
  • You can choose any color scheme, most importantly, that the shades are in harmony with each other.
  • It is better to choose gentle, light and feminine shades;
  • Ice cream can be depicted in a three-dimensional format, for example, using the technique of molding;
  • A very popular way is the application of a 3D pattern.

The nail design can be varied by combining the drawings of ice cream and cakes. You can use any palette of colors and make nail art very cheerful and fun. The master of nail design is free to show his imagination, depicting the dessert in any of the options, adding sequins, icing, sweet sprinkles and other elements that make the dessert more realistic.

Variants of manicure with ice cream

Among the variety of designs, you can highlight the following successful ideas:

Ice cream cone in the nail design

If you use modern types of gel polish, you can without much trouble and time to put a drawing on the nails in the form of ice cream in a cone. And the following tips will help in this:

  1. For the base color, it is better to take any nude shade, evenly covering the surface of the nail;
  2. For the image of the cone the best shade is beige, a few shades darker than the base;
  3. Drawing attention to the design is very easy if the ice cream balls themselves are highlighted in bright colors;

Ice cream cone can be used in different types of manicure design: ombré, classic or reverse French.

Ice cream and French manicure

One of the most successful uses of ice cream in the design is its combination with the French manicure. It is easy enough to perform it, just diversify it with modern elements.

For example, looks great ice cream, decorating only the fingernail of the ring finger. Such a manicure looks both stylish and understated, which makes it a great option for summer. In any case, such an image is not recommended to overload: it is better to stop at 1-2 fingers with a drawing, and leave the rest with a classic French manicure. You can use almost any shades. The main thing is that the nails should be decorated with white or colored edge trims, which are characteristic of French.

Manicure design with sweets is an amazing combination of coquetry and interesting creativity. With the help of a beautiful and juicy drawing on the nails, you can emphasize even a rather austere outfit. If you were in search of something really original and fashionable, then sweets on the nails is what you need. To achieve the most delicious shade of chocolate, try mixing together several shades of brown polishes. With the help of voluminous manicure techniques, you can implement the original idea in a more realistic way.