Decorating Halloween-inspired dishes


Mystical, otherworldly style is no small part of Halloween. It is the appeal to this theme that makes the holiday stand out from the rest. On Halloween, it is customary to dress up in costumes, decorate the house and stock up on sweets. We suggest learning a little more about the most mysterious holiday of the year and the table of All Saints’ Day.

The traditions of celebrating Halloween go back centuries. It is believed that on the eve of All Saints’ Day, the spirits of the dead return to our world. People dress up in costumes of evil spirits so that they won’t be harmed. And Jack’s Pumpkin Light is needed to protect the home from evil spirits. So the frightening symbolism of Halloween is not as simple as it sounds.

Halloween holiday table features

Preparing a Halloween holiday table is a very creative process. There is no need to purchase exotic ingredients and create elaborate dishes, often spooky treats are made from the most common foods. The only difference is how to serve them. When choosing Halloween dish decorations, follow some simple rules:

buffet hors d’oeuvres are best for a Halloween party,

dishes should be appropriate for the symbolism of the holiday,

the main colors of Halloween are orange, black, purple and blood red.

Halloween-inspired dishes

The protagonists of Halloween are, of course, all kinds of evil and otherworldly creatures. Decorating Halloween-inspired dishes should have a dark afterlife aesthetic, a fleur-de-lis of witchcraft and decadence.


Ghosts have been haunting people’s minds since ancient times, especially since the first English Gothic novel. To create an edible ghost, you’ll need a light-colored product on which you can draw eyes. Bananas are particularly suitable for this purpose. A banana cut in half will serve as the body of the ghost. It is ideal to dip the half of the banana in white icing and draw scary eyes with chocolate. You can also make ghosts out of cupcakes and meringues, as our pastry chef proves. See for yourself by taking a look at the site’s catalog of prepared foods.


The witch costume for Halloween is one of the most popular. To create a dish in witchcraft style is also quite possible. Use common symbols like pointy hats, spell books, brooms, magic orbs and magic wands. It’s easy to make witches’ brooms out of salted straw. Wrap strips of fringed cheese around the wands and you’re good to go! Also stock up on witch cookies – sandy fingers with creepy peanut claws.


Decorating Halloween-inspired dishes involves the freedom to be creative. You’ll find the most authentic gravestones in our holiday food catalog. Chocolate graves are set in clear shot glasses, with a cookie monument with RIP written on top.


Making edible mummies is not difficult at all. The best mummies are made from strips of dough. How do you make a pizza mummy? Take a strip of dough and spread the filling on it. On top, decorate it with strips of dough and cheese to make it look like a mummy from a sarcophagus. Also creepy mummies come out of sausages wrapped in dough. Don’t forget the eyes made of olives or sausages.

Creepy creatures and spider webs.

Decorate any salad with a spider web of mayonnaise and an ordinary dish will magically turn into a festive one. Also serve spooky creatures – marmalade worms, sweet spiders and caterpillars made of grapes.


Scary Eyes.

Want something really scary? Then we recommend our pastry chef’s masterpiece, Bloodshot Eyes made of panna cotta. It will scare anyone. The main thing is for your guests to have the courage to eat such a treat. Absolutely stunning eyes are made out of meatballs. Make a “bloody” tomato sauce for meatballs, place there round cutlets, pressing into them rounds of chopped olives – the pupils. Serve such meatballs with pasta. Looks impressive!

Bloody Paws

Decorating dishes in the style of a creepy unclean paw is no problem. Take sandwich buns and slice them for stuffing. Put ham inside and make “fingers” of quail eggs – the spooky paw is ready. You can also serve the creepy hand if you mold it with minced meat and cover it with pieces of cheese for a crust. Make claws from onions. Bake the stuffing until tender and serve on top of mashed potatoes. The furor of the dish is assured.

You can decorate not only the dishes, but also the table itself. Here your imagination is not limited to anything. Stock up on cobwebs of gauze, pumpkin lights, candles and “bloody” drinks in red. Choose table textiles and tableware in black or orange.


The pumpkin is the most famous Halloween symbol, use it to decorate the table to the max. Pumpkins themselves, baked and stuffed with goodies, as well as pumpkin-like dishes will do. They can be marzipan pumpkins for dessert, as in our catalog, or plain peeled tangerines with a green sprig of onion on top to indicate a sprig.