How to decorate desserts for the New Year

New Year

December is coming to its logical conclusion, and our articles are getting more and more New Year’s Eve. In today’s one, for example, we’ll talk about decorating for your holiday desserts. It’s going to be delicious and very pretty!

Edible paper

One of the trends in New Year’s food d├ęcor is decorating with edible paper: sugar or waffle paper, although waffle paper remains a priority for pastry chefs. What is it? Most often it is a mix of starch and rice paper. Such paper is absolutely edible, but it has no odor or taste. Of disadvantages: edible paper is afraid of moisture, so it is better not to use it with liquid creams or glazes.

You can print images on waffle paper, as well as create all kinds of decor from it: flowers, stars, butterflies and even spruce branches. One of the most popular options for decorating with waffle paper is Christmas poinsettia flowers. Paper for this purpose is dyed with dry food dye, and then form petals and collect flowers, which later become the center of the Christmas design.

Buy edible paper can be found in specialized stores for confectioners, where it is presented in a wide range.

Cotton candy

It’s as if cotton candy was invented to represent snow drifts! You can see how it complements a winter cake theme. You can top the decor with sprigs of Christmas trees or sprinkles. How to make cotton candy at home? The process is time-consuming, but if you dare, the result will impress you.

Of what we prepare:

  • granulated sugar, 1.5 cups
  • water, 1/2 cup
  • 2 drops of vinegar
  • food coloring gel

From the tools:

  • chopsticks
  • whisk
  • heavy bottomed saucepan

How to make:

  • fix the chopsticks securely on the table in an upright position
  • make a sugar syrup by mixing granulated sugar, vinegar and water
  • add food coloring of the desired color (you can use gel coloring)
  • mix the mixture well and pour it into a saucepan with a thick bottom
  • our syrup needs to be heated several times and cooled, so that it becomes golden brown
  • when the mass has thickened and has turned golden in color, we dip the whisk in it and coil the sugar strands around the sticks, as it were, until you obtain a fluffy mass
  • be careful, the hot sugar mixture can burn
  • use ready cotton candy for cake decoration not earlier than an hour before serving, so it doesn’t melt


We have already told you how to make meringue and if you haven’t tried making it using our recipe, now is the time, because meringue-decorated toppings turn out very spectacular and original.

Meringue can be used to make Christmas trees, snowmen, stars – the flight of your imagination is unlimited. For preparation, we recommend using egg albumin, which makes the meringue mass more stable and crispy.


Isomalt ice decorations are a great way to support the winter cake theme. By the way, we already have a large and very detailed article in our arsenal where we talk about how to use isomalt in dessert decor. In our opinion, isomalt balls, splatters that mimic ice, or square decor would work great for winter cakes. Isomalt flowers can also be made – they turn out voluminous, realistic, but quite large, so keep that in mind when you come up with your decorating design.

New Year

Sugar icing or icing

Perhaps this decor option is definitely in the top three most New Year’s Eve decorations, and if you do not understand what we are talking about, we suggest immediately remember the Christmas gingerbread cookies and houses, which so often decorate the holiday table.

To decorate such ginger pastries and uses sugar icing – icing made on the basis of powdered sugar and egg albumin.

Pastry Sprinkles.

Don’t want to spend a lot of time decorating? Then just choose your choice of confectionery sprinkles and decorate your decor generously! With there is plenty to do! You just need to choose a color palette, and then mix it up: there are herringbones, noodles, stars, sparks, and snowflakes!

Desserts with decorative sprinkles turn out bright and very festive – no one will stay indifferent!