Dessert plating designs

Dessert plating designs

Looking to up your dessert presentation game? Check out these fun and unique dessert plating designs! Whether you’re in the mood for something classic like a cake or something more daring like a chocolate fountain, these designs will help you look and feel like a pro.

Food should not only taste good, but it should also be beautiful, so that we can enjoy it to the fullest. Especially when it comes to dessert: you can’t serve a lopsided cake on the holiday table, even if it tastes just as good as store-bought sweets. But that doesn’t mean that professional chefs and pastry chefs always make perfectly beautiful dishes, just that they know how to decorate and serve a dish so that everyone will gasp. Today we’re going to try a whole 8 simple tricks for decorating and serving desserts.

Candy crisscrosses

We need:

  • chocolate (it’s best to get chocolate in an unusual color)
  • a lighter

This is a very simple, but spectacular way to decorate a plate with dessert: holding a bar of chocolate in your hand, heat the long edge of the bar on the lighter so that the chocolate melts, and then press it to the plate so that a chocolate strip is imprinted on it. So we use the chocolate to draw a pattern on the plate, similar to a tic-tac-toe field, and place sweets like candy, macaroons cakes, fresh berries, etc. in the squares.

Sauce splatter

We need:

  • a brightly colored berry or fruit sauce

This trick for decorating a dessert is sure to please all amateur pastry chefs, because we’ll need a rotating stand for it. We put the plate on the stand and put a few drops of liquid sauce in the center. Then sharply rotate the plate so that the centrifugal force causes the drops of sauce to spread around the plate. Put a small dessert (a cake or a muffin) in the center of the plate and complete the resulting pattern, for example, with fresh berries.

Dessert plating designs

Lollipop on a grater

We need:

  • lollipop
  • fine grater
  • fork and spoon

Warning. If you use this way to decorate the dessert, guests may even be afraid to touch the plate. That’s how good it is!

For this trick, we need the color of the lollipop to be as different as possible from the color of the plate: if the plate is white, take a dark red, green or blue lollipop. But the trick looks especially spectacular on a dark plate, for which we take a light yellow lollipop. We put a fork and a spoon on the plate, crossing them, as the video shows. Then we grate the lollipop so that the crumbs fall onto the spoon and fork. When they are covered with a thick layer of crumbs, carefully remove the instruments from the plate and get a cool pattern. Place our dessert next to it.

Chocolate rays

We need:

  • dark and white chocolate straws
  • a hair dryer.

To beautifully decorate a plate of dessert, sometimes two chocolate straws are enough. With a hair dryer, we can melt the chocolate on the straw and then use it to imprint chocolate rays on the plate. The dessert itself can also be topped with the straw.

Chocolate comet

We need:

  • chocolate sauce
  • a cooking brush.

This is probably the easiest way to decorate a dessert plate. We put some chocolate sauce on the plate, and then use a brush to make a spectacular stroke on the plate – like paint on a canvas. We complete the pattern with cakes, berries, flowers… A very simple trick for a very beautiful effect.

Sweet trace

We need:

  • marmalade cord or a piece of regular thick twine
  • powder for making an instant drink (you can also use sugar with an unusual color)
  • a strainer.

This original way to decorate a dessert will turn any treat into a work of art! We place the cord picturesquely on a plate and use a strainer to sprinkle it with instant drink powder. Then carefully remove the cord so that it leaves a trail of powder. We put a cake or a piece of cake on the plate.

Chocolate drips

We need:

  • chocolate sauce or melted chocolate.

It’s very simple: to serve our dessert beautifully, we put some sauce or melted chocolate on the plate and then tilt the plate so that the chocolate slightly runs down it. The pattern doesn’t have to be even. When the chocolate has slightly solidified, place a piece of cake or brownies on the plate.

Checkmate and chocolate

We need:

  • a square piece of chocolate bar
  • a lighter

Another great way to decorate a dessert plate: take a piece of chocolate, heat it on a lighter and use it to leave square prints on the plate to make it look like a chessboard. It is better to take a square plate. On such a pattern, any dessert will look luxurious.

On such a plate, even the simplest cupcake becomes a masterpiece! 

Bon appetit!