Dessert table serving

Dessert table

Serving the dessert table

When serving the dessert table, use dessert utensils from the same set, decorated in the same style. Also, make sure that the dishes themselves look beautiful. You can use sprinkles, sweet sauces, etc. for decoration.

General rules for table serving for tea

The tablecloth should be adjusted to the size of the table, hanging from the edge of the tabletop is acceptable by 30-50 cm.

Dishes for refreshments are placed to the right of the plate.

To serve tea, you can use a stylized samovar or an ordinary teapot. For black coffee, use a coffee pot and small cups. For other types of coffee, such as lattes, Viennese cups are better.

Dessert plates are placed on the table. Forks and spoons are placed in front of them. They can be placed on the plate, but not crossed.

The number of plates for each guest should correspond to the number of dishes. The biggest one is put down, and the top of the “pyramid” can be crowned with a vase for liquid desserts.

If there is not much space on the table, then beautifully folded napkins, such as origami, stacked on plates. If the table is large, they can be placed next to the plates. Linen napkins can be replaced by paper napkins, one condition: compliance with the overall style.

Dessert dishes

For cold desserts, vases or cremains are used, served with dessert, tea and coffee spoons.

For hot desserts, the dishes in which they were cooked are sometimes used, if they match in style with the overall decoration. The mold should be placed on a plate.

  • For souffl├ęs, use deep dessert plates along with dessert spoons. Don’t forget the milk and cream in the milk pot or creamer.
  • For puddings and mousses, use small dessert plates served with dessert spoons.

To serve baked goods such as cakes and biscuits, dessert plates with a knife, fork and spoon are used.

To serve cake, a special tray on a high leg, the plateau vase, is used. It is also possible to serve the dessert in portions in small dessert plates, served with instruments: a knife, a spoon and a fork with three prongs.

A vase is suitable for serving fruit. When serving in portions, dessert plates, forks and knives are used.

How to set the table properly

Have you ever wondered what the main sign of a hostess’s attention to her guests is? Of course, it’s the proper way to set the table. Unfortunately, not all hostesses know how to do this. Many people think that it takes a long time to lay the table beautifully. However, this opinion is mistaken. Knowing and following certain rules, you can create a festive mood not only on holidays, but also on weekdays.

To create an unusual table decoration, you can involve the housemates. Most likely, this activity will be to their liking, and you will save time and effort.

Table laying at home

It is wrong to think that in ordinary life you can not bother, and all the difficulties of decorating apply only to the holidays. Psychologists say that the appearance of the dish and the table in general determines the mood and taste of the food.

Table service at home differs from the ceremonial with a smaller number of instruments and decor details.

  1. Take note that the plate rack should be a must. By using them, you will avoid dirtying the tablecloth. Agree that sometimes it is very difficult to get borscht stains out of it.
  2. It is not recommended to replace the tablecloth with oilcloth. To make the table look “smart”, sometimes it is enough to put a chequered cloth on it. Of course, everything must look harmonious and the tablecloth must combine with the general interior of the kitchen.
  3. If your menu includes the first course, then the presence of deep plates is mandatory. It is much easier to walk around with a pot and pour everyone’s broth than to run around with plates.
  4. Under the deep plate there should be a container for the garnish.
  5. In order not to constantly run forks and spoons, provide them in the right amount in advance.

Why the table setting is necessary

Everyone agrees that it is much more pleasant to eat at a beautifully laid table. If everything is properly organized, then the daily meal turns into a holiday.

It is not necessary to prepare exquisite dishes, you can use ordinary inexpensive products. It is the idea of decorating the dining table that is important.

Planning a table setting for certain meals

Introduce new traditions into your family. Due to time constraints in today’s world, not every family can afford to eat meals together. In that case, you can limit yourself to one communal meal that will take place in the evening.

Not only for a festive meal, but also for a simple dinner you can decorate the original serving. Children will be happy to help you in this, as they usually love to arrange plates and napkins.

At such a table you can talk to all members of the family. The atmosphere of comfort disposes to confidential conversations, everyone can tell about their problems or achievements. Such a tradition will bring a piece of joy to everyday life. Once everyone is used to gathering at home for dinner, you can begin to introduce weekend gatherings into the family tradition.

Table Rules

  1. The same cutlery should be used.
  2. Each dish should have its own serving.
  3. Arranging items, it is necessary to take into account that for each person you need to allocate about 80 cm of space. This condition will allow the guests to feel comfortable.
  4. Plates are placed in the middle of the allocated space, at a distance of two cm from the edge.
  5. When planning to serve several dishes, deep dishes are placed on a flat dish.
  6. Plates for sweets or bread are placed 10 cm to the left of the person.
  7. Spoons, forks, and knives are placed point up, with knives on the right and forks on the left. If dessert is to be served, the soup spoon is placed above the plate.
  8. Glasses and glasses should be placed to the right. If alcohol and water are served at the same time, then the container that should be combined with the first course is placed closer.
  9. All tableware must be clean and without stains and streaks. It should be wiped with a dry towel before serving.

How to choose the right tablecloth

The tablecloth is an obligatory attribute. It can be for both everyday use and for festive occasions. What are the recommendations for tablecloth selection from the experts?

  • For a banquet, a tablecloth made of natural fabric, preferably white, is used;
  • for everyday dinner or lunch, you can use an acrylic tablecloth, it should fit the shape of the table;
  • it is important that the tablecloth is of a suitable length, it should cover the entire surface and the edges should hang down by 20-25 cm.

Obligatory condition. Any tablecloth must be clean. Therefore, it is necessary to have several options available.

Arrangement of plates

So, the tablecloth is laid. Now it is necessary to arrange the plates. The layout is very simple. A decorative plate must be in the very center, and it must not be too close to the edge. On it is placed a plate for an appetizer. If the menu includes liquid dishes, a deep container is also placed on the decorative plate. It is important to note that when soup puree is served, a soup plate is served, and when broth is served, a cup should be served. The bread plate is placed to the left of the decorative plate.

Placement of Devices

Serving involves a certain arrangement of all the appliances. Everything must comply with the norms of etiquette:

  • Appliances should be placed on the sides of plates; in some cases, they are stacked on top;
  • Forks should be placed to the left of the main plate;
  • Knives are placed on the right, with their blades pointing toward the plate;
  • soup spoon should be placed on top of the plate;
  • The dessert spoon is placed on the right side, it should conclude the row of knives.

Important. The first to be used should be the utensils closest to the plate. Devices for first courses should be the furthest away. Keep in mind that all of the utensils should be freely accessible for use.

How to choose the glasses

To serve the holiday table, it is very important to choose the right glasses. For each drink, there is a specific type of flute or glass.

For red wines, cognac and brandy use “hollow” glasses. For white wines small glasses are used. The highest or narrowest flutes are for champagne. For juices and water, glasses that are designed for cocktails are served.

table serving

Using napkins

How to serve the table beautifully? One of the most important elements of decoration in the design of any holiday or banquet are napkins. There are many invented techniques, following which you can create an exquisite and unusual composition from them. While choosing napkins, you should pay attention to their color. You can buy napkins of the same color as the holiday candles.

Napkins should be rolled so that after unrolling they do not look too wrinkled. This decoration is placed on the appetizer plate. Using napkin figures, you can make your table very stylish.

The benefits of proper table setting

If your family gets used to eating in a comfortable and beautiful setting, eating will be a real pleasure. Children will grow up cultured, knowing the place of each item on the table. Evening gatherings at a beautifully set table will bring your family together. And this family tradition will be passed down from generation to generation.