Sweet table for a child’s birthday: design and menu

Sweet table

For a children’s party, you can decorate a sweet table for the birthday of a child, which will consist of what all children love so much, and such a table menu will be interesting to all the children present at the party. Children’s holiday is different in that at such an event you can not put on the table the usual dishes in the form of salads, snacks, meat and everything else that adults love so much, because in this case, most children do not perceive such food as festive, and often a lot of it does not eat at all, so to attract children to the holiday table, it is necessary to have a sweet table.

Preparation: where to start?

You need to set a goal, to organize a stylized Candy Bar. This will be facilitated by following some recommendations.

The children’s sweet table should be decorated in the same chosen style, which would be in harmony with the theme of the celebration. Here are some types of themes:

  • Themes that correspond to certain professions (astronauts, scientists, farmers, detectives, etc.).
  • Which correspond to the child’s hobbies or abilities (singing, dancing, drawing, etc.).
  • Related to his interests (biology, physical education, geography, etc.).
  • Corresponding to the chosen cartoon. Can be classic or modern.
  • What corresponds to the cultures of the peoples of the world of different eras (ancient knights, Vikings, musketeers, Indians, etc.).

In the end, the theme can be even simpler: stars, hearts, stripes, butterflies, flowers. It is better to use a tablecloth of bright colors. If it is monochrome, it can be decorated using flags, streamers, garlands, stickers and appliques.

It should be decided in advance whether symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement of tables, dishes, decorations and other components will be used. It is important to adhere to this even in small details.

Color scheme

Preparing a children’s sweet table for a birthday or other occasion, it is necessary to choose the right color scheme for the upcoming celebration. There is no point in using a lot of colors. Motley, variegated colors of elements of decoration for the celebration will only irritate the eyesight and quickly tire those present.

Taking into account the overall color scheme, it is necessary to determine only 2-4 colors for the color design. Dishes, other elements, including napkins and sweets themselves, should be these colors. For example, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the child, a combination of white and pink would be suitable, if it is a girl. Decorations in white and blue are used by those who celebrate the anniversary of their son.

Sweet table


In the modern way, the table is decorated using, in addition to small cakes, cookies and pastries, such novelties as tarts, candied fruits, nuts, donuts and so on. The newfangled sweet things can also include decorating with marshmallows for various confections. Here the possibilities are not limited. If you connect your imagination, you can easily create ornaments, curls, cartoon characters and so on from this sweet material. The color of marshmallow can be changed by applying natural dyes.

Of the non-edible decorations for children’s sweet table can complement the floral arrangements, vases for fruit and special serving utensils, although they should be less than when serving tables for adults. Paper figures and garlands are well suited as table decorations at events for children.


Layered desserts can be conveniently and effectively served in beaker cups. They are made of harmless fiberglass (does not react with the food), are lightweight and do not slip in your hand, and do not give a specific plastic or other extraneous odor. These cups come in a variety of shapes.

Thanks to the different colors of these utensils, the dishes get additional colors. For example, the green or orange color of the dessert will play brightly in a black cup, and transparent will show well every part of the multi-layered dessert. Spoons and plates can be purchased in the same color and quality.

Placement of items on the table

What is important to remember, decorating a children’s sweet table with their own hands? Regarding the density of the placement of viands, you must not forget that a large and in places empty table will look undercooked and, therefore, poor. Therefore it is recommended to distribute the food at a fairly close distance from each other. In order for the dishes on the table to be placed compactly, it is necessary that it is not a large table. It is not necessary to place items in one plane. Now are used multi-tiered serving of the sweet table. For this purpose, use shelves, various stands, boxes, wrapped with decorative paper.

What to serve on the table?

Traditionally, cake was considered the fundamental and often the only dessert at a celebration. This tradition has not completely disappeared, as there remain many fans of celebrating various anniversaries in the classic style. Gradually, however, new types of dessert are becoming fashionable.

Now the list of treats served is very wide: muffins and cupcakes, cupcakes and profiteroles, cupcake pops and macaroons. This is not a complete list of popular dessert dishes these days. If, after all, the choice is made in favor of a cake, it must be unusual, colorful, and, of course, very tasty, to surprise and delight the kids.

To children’s sweet table (photo of some ideas presented in this article) was sufficiently staffed with sweets and all tastes were satisfied, you need to properly draw up a menu. It must necessarily contain desserts of three categories.

The first of them includes one, maximum two basic or special types of desserts (cake or cupcakes). The second category can have up to 3 kinds of additional desserts (muffins, parfaits, mousses, cookies, profiteroles or mini-cakes – your choice). The third includes 2 to 3 types of sweets that are usually used to fill the table. For example, jellies, marshmallows, marshmallows, candy, and more.

Cupcakes, cupcake pops and other sweets

Now let’s talk a little more about the sweets. Cupcakes are cupcakes that are topped with chocolate, mastic or whipped cream. This coating should be in the theme of the celebration and match in color with the overall decor. You can use a pastry pencil to draw a picture or an inscription with condensed milk or jam.

Cake pops are cakes that are very similar in taste to traditional “potatoes”, but with a more complex principle of preparation. Marshmallows are essentially marshmallows divided into small airy pieces. Licorice sticks are a healthy treat based on licorice root juice. Macaroons are colorful, bite-sized cakes made of airy dough.

Nutritious meals

If desired or necessary, sweet and nutritious dishes can be included in the menu, including cottage cheese pudding, sweet strawberry omelet, cottage cheese truffle, and others. When organizing a children’s sweet table for the little ones, it is better to focus on light dishes. After all, children of this age love to frolic and run around in between meals. With overloaded stomachs, it will be hard for kids to do this.

Do not forget that this is not a simple menu, and the holiday. Therefore, it should definitely include such unusual things as a hot meal with surprises, “kebabs” of fruit and other unusual treats. Quite original look delicious souvenirs made from plastic spoons filled with chocolate, heated in the microwave or in a water bath. At the end of the product is decorated with marmalade, nuts or small candies and tied with colorful bows.

Fruit slices and cheese baskets

You can also serve sliced fruit in waffle cones. Jelly and ice cream are sure to please the little ones. Cheese baskets are festive and very tasty. To make them, you just need to melt a little cheese, and then, when it slightly hardens, you need to form baskets of it. You can place fruit, for example, in them.


Usually on the children’s sweet table on the birthday put containers with such drinks as:

  • cocktails;
  • lemonade;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • sparkling or mineral water.

Of course, it is more convenient to buy ready-made drinks in bottles. Some may consider home-made morsels, juices, lemonades and other drinks to be a better alternative. Everyone decides for himself.

Children’s sweet table for a birthday: photo and description

The birth of a child is a special event, and parents want to celebrate milestone dates, creating a fairy tale for their child, which is likely to remain in the memory of the baby for a long time, remembering only amazing and pleasant moments. What kind of children’s sweet table for the birthday of his offspring?

A one-year-old baby is unlikely to be able to appreciate all the things that parents have prepared, and he will also not remember all the moments of the celebration. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay a lot of attention to the table setting. In this case, the main task will be different. The main thing here is the mood with which the child will spend the day.

To do this, you can prepare a sparkling holiday at home, in the usual conditions for the baby to avoid stressful situations. Such a sweet table at a children’s birthday party will only be in the joy of the baby. Prepare a motley, colorful decor in the form of ribbons, bows, balloons and other bright room decorations, unusual decoration of dishes in the form of figures of animals or cartoon characters, the original filing of the birthday cake, a couple of funny competitions for adults, which will surely entertain even a year-old baby.

Some tips and cautions

When preparing a sweet table at kindergarten or at home, you need to remember this:

  • You should not use sliced bananas, apples, and tangerines for decoration. These fruits tend to darken quickly or become weathered. Because of this, the attractive appearance of the dish is lost.
  • When organizing a party for the little ones, berries with bones are not put on the table, so that none of the kids will choke.
  • In order to be more convenient to take desserts by hand, they should be small, that is portion size.
  • Food and drinks that because of carelessness could leave a stain on the clothes, it is better to serve kids at least 6-7 years.
  • If the celebration will be celebrated in nature in the hot weather, you need to take care of the ice molds to place the fruit.

In the case when the celebration is organized for the little ones, the serving should be not only beautiful but also safe. It is best to use unbreakable tableware, such as plastic or cardboard. Given that children of this age are not very assiduous, it would be wise to organize the event according to the principle of a buffet.

So that none of those present do not have allergies, to decorate the table flowers is better to use not live, and artificial, for example, homemade from colored paper.

A properly chosen sweet table for a child’s birthday is an important part of the children’s party, which will be able to distract all the children from active games and get them all together at the table.