Dessert designs wedding cakes

wedding cake

No wedding is complete without a special treat: a wedding cake. It is the ceremonial cutting of the sweet dessert that usually crowns every celebration. The newlyweds treat their guests and thus share their happiness with them, which is why confectioners are constantly working on creating new styles and ways to decorate this dish.

Fashionable trends

Wedding cake must necessarily be delicious, but in addition to this, there are special requirements for decoration and decoration. The current trends of this season are considered two main trends:

  • Asymmetrical cakes – products of non-standard shape, necessarily decorated with a large number of flowers and symbolic figures;
  • Laconic treats – cakes, the decoration of which combines classics, simplicity and modest decorations, but at the same time – luxury.

A few years ago, cakes were made either square or round. Nowadays, the forms of sweet desserts can be very diverse, but the palm of primacy, without a doubt, belongs to heart-shaped cakes, and you can make such a cake in a variety of forms – in the form of one or more tiers from a large heart to a small one, as a heart on a lock with a key. A red heart decorated with white bows or a dessert pierced with the arrow of young Cupid looks very stylish.

Very relevant are decors, which consist of several tiers, and a waterfall of flowers descends from the top. No less popular is other, not so familiar, but, no doubt, original and stylish cakes.

Cake styles

All kinds of wedding cakes can be divided into several styles, depending on the theme of the decor and its direction. Thus, everyone can choose the design that will match the taste of the newlyweds and the style of the celebration itself.

Let’s dwell in more detail on the most common options.


This is a classic sweet dessert, which is always relevant. It combines restraint, aesthetics and elegance – cakes, as a rule, are decorated in a snow-white shade, and as elements of decoration use beads, ribbons and bows. There is no place for ornate patterns, as they visually overwhelm the overall perception of the composition.

In the European decor, only gentle shades are used, and the use of saturated contrasting tones is unacceptable.


For those who are planning a wedding party without excessive pretentiousness, a large cake decorated in the rustic style will do. This trend is characterized by laconic minimalism and simple geometry of lines. Usually they use one or two accents, which can be flowers, imitations of small twigs of wood and other natural elements.


Cakes in the theme of Provence look very stylish, they literally represent a combination of tenderness and romance and mentally refer to France, which has long been recognized as the most romantic country. It’s no secret that that’s where this light but elegant style originated.

You can achieve a true French charm by using pastel colors and the effect of some “dusting” of the surface. There are a variety of floral notes, and many decorative berries and fruits. The main shades of Provence are white and purple in varying degrees of saturation of tone.

Such a dessert looks good at festive events, decorated in the style of vintage and shebby-chic.


The nautical theme is very popular in decorating cakes for weddings, and it is not necessary to prepare a dessert in the form of a ship or anchor – you can create a treat with decoration from pearls, starfish and decorative seashells. This style is very close to the Mediterranean style and allows you to emphasize the lightness, airiness and freshness of the decor.

And for such a design not to be too pretentious, there is no need to completely cover the surface of the cake with cream.


A stylish cake for modern young people. This trend began to increase in popularity in recent years, when newlyweds began to move away from the usual canons of wedding celebrations. Now treats are decorated with a variety of gold, bronze and silver shades, most often such cakes are made with multiple tiers.

wedding cake


Painted cakes, perhaps, can be called real works of art, these are exceptionally bright, unusual and elegant desserts, in which hand-painted and an abundance of floral details prevail. By the way, the drawings are quite interestingly combined with the style of metallic – so such a cake will be to the taste of young modern couples and their parents, who in most cases prefer the classics in wedding decor.


Very beautiful and aesthetic looks on cake’s ombré technique, it involves the use of gradient shades, which give the treat a really great look.


Such a cake could be called a classic cake, but it is too light and fancy for that. The surface of such a treat is literally replete with buds made of mastic, a tiered cake decorated with hundreds of sugar flowers will look especially luxurious.


For delicate and romantic couples, you can opt for cakes decorated with sweet ruffles. In recent years, more and more brides and grooms are ordering so-called corrugated treats. As a rule, brides ask to decorate them in the same shade as the ruffles on their wedding dresses – this is very original and, no doubt, a stylish wedding find.

This is not a complete list of wedding styles when making cakes. Among newlyweds are in demand desserts in the style of boho, eco. No less popular are products decorated in autumnal hues or the color marsala.