The sweet table at a wedding: ideas and recommendations

sweet table

The sweet table in recent years has become a popular element, without which almost no celebration can do without. Its purpose is to diversify the banquet or buffet menu, as well as to make a highlight in the design of the wedding. Sweets and fruits will please not only the children, but also the adults. Is it worth doing such an area at your wedding?

Among the arguments “for” – a real opportunity for guests to enjoy delicious sweets, as well as add a bright and seasonal element to the overall decor. Sometimes a sweet table can also be a substitute for a wedding cake. “Against” only the financial side of the issue, because the organization of such a table will require certain costs.

How to organize

The first thing to do is to find a pastry chef or a company that specializes in the design of candy bars. It is necessary to consider not only the professionalism of the person, tastes, variety and pricing policy, but also experience in decorating exactly sweet tables. Stylish napkins and textiles, tongs and other instruments for sweets, beautiful glassware, matching style containers – all this forms the basis of the table.

Pay special attention to individual details: for example, prepare Kraft paper bags with your initials for those guests who want to take some sweets with them. If the wedding format calls for a buffet, make sure there are plates and cutlery on the table that allow you to sample the desserts.

Tubes, skewers, dessert forks and knives are not the whole list of things that should be on the table. The pastry chef should definitely tell you exactly what you’ll need and what you need to prepare if he or she doesn’t provide the utensils and dishes himself or herself.

A big plus will be the opportunity to try the sweets that you will have on the table. So check to see if the pastry chef can provide you with a tasting set.

sweet table


What to fill the sweet table with? Anything! Let your imagination run wild. It could be:

  • Chocolate
  • Meringue and marshmallows
  • Cupcakes, macaroons, cakes in different shapes
  • Fresh fruit or berries (strawberries, grapes, cherries)
  • Cookies and candies
  • Homemade
  • Cakes of different shapes and contents.

When ordering a sweet table, be sure to discuss what storage conditions are appropriate for this or that type of sweet. For example, chocolate in direct sunlight may melt, but a sweet table with berries or cookies may well be placed outside.

Decor and printing

Such beauty will not go unnoticed, so it is worth decorating the sweet table accordingly, thinking through every detail: dishes, decor, floristics, printing. If it is a themed wedding, then make sure that the style of the sweet table completely corresponds to the chosen theme.

Interesting tablecloths, backgrounds, shelves, placemats – it can all be done in the spirit of romantic France, passionate Spain, cold Iceland or hot Italy, with an oceanic touch or in a garden blooming style. Try to make sure the color scheme and look of the treats match the overall style and palette of the wedding.

Don’t forget the printing: signs, signage and lettering will help organize all this sweet splendor and avoid questions from guests about what’s what. By the way, this will help guests with allergies and special diets to avoid unwanted products. In addition to the standard “Sweet Table” signage, you can use alternative and fun signs such as “Sweets for Joy,” “Heaven for Sweets,” “Love is sweet,” etc. Don’t forget to prepare dessert labels, too: “Eat Me,” “Yum Yum,” and “Help Yourself!”

Where to place

When choosing a sweet table location, consider the following nuances:

  • If it’s a buffet, the best option is to place the sweet table next to the main tables with the food and drinks so the sweets aren’t left out.
  • If a classic banquet with off-site registration is planned, the sweet table will take its place in the Welcome area.
  • The sweet table can also be placed as a separate area where guests can go during breaks in the entertainment program – a veranda or lounge area is great for this.
  • Don’t place the table on the sunny side of the venue so the sweets don’t spoil.
  • Do not use perishable foods, because even indoors it will be hard to maintain the right temperature and at the end of the evening the sweets will simply spoil.
  • Set out the sweets just before the buffet, storing them in the refrigerator beforehand so that they appear in all their glory in front of the guests.

Sweet and unsweetened table

  • Modern wedding trends allow you to abandon classic solutions and look for more interesting creative options. So, the sweet table can be replaced by:
  • Fruit table.
  • Lemonade table with soft drinks
  • Cocoa or coffee bar for winter weddings
  • Tea ceremony for a garden themed wedding
  • Cocktail table or bar
  • Popcorn counter
  • Cheese and wine table
  • Bread table
  • Ice cream bar
  • Chocolate fountain

When looking for alternatives, always consider the style, time of year and theme of the celebration.