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Crerative Designs Cake Decorating Method

by Linda McClure

The Creative designs cake decorating method is a method that uses gum paste or icing sheets and an electronic paper cutter to cut out decorations for cakes. The machine I prefer is the Silhouette Cameo Cake machine and this is the machine that is used in this instructional manual. You can use any electronic paper cutter, as long as it has a mat and blade. The techniques that are demonstrated with the Cameo can be used with the other brands of electronic cutters.

Some cutters require cartridges for their source of designs while other cutters use a computer. I prefer the computer-based electronic cutters because I am able to create and cut the designs I need for my project. I am not limited to pre-selected designs on a cartridge.

Using your computer you can create designs in the Silhouette Studio program and the Cameo does an excellent job of cutting the designs from gum paste or icing sheets. I tell people all the time, "If you can cut it out of paper then I can cut it out of sugar!" The sugar I refer to is gum paste. I developed this method using a firm gum paste that I use with my normal cake decorating. My recipe works great for flowers and holds up well in a humid climate. I share my recipe so you will be able to make your own gum paste. Once you work with my gum paste you will better understand the texture, firmness and how stretchy it should be.

Fondant and gum paste are basically the same product. Gum paste has tylose added to firm it up and fondant does not have any tylose, but glycerin added to help soften it. Fondant, even commercial fondant is usually too soft for this method. You may be able to get a good cut from fondant, but when you take the fondant design off the mat it is usually soft, can stretch out of shape or break apart. I find it easier to use a good firm gum paste and avoid these problems. The gum paste designs are decorations and really not intended to be eaten. They are easily removed from the cake or break apart when the cake is cut and served.




I take you through the process, step by step, from making the correct gum paste to a finished, one of a kind, decorated cake.

The correct Blade and Blade housing is key to a great cut. The Accessory Package contains the modified Blade Housing that works with the Silhouette.

Each step of the design process is clearly illustrated and explained. You will learn how to use basic shapes to create beautiful borders to more intricate shapes. Once you learn the design process you will have the ability to create any custom design you need for your cake.

This is an invitation I had as a source of inspiration for a wedding cake. The bride wanted the scroll design from the invitation to vertically up the cake. As I studied the invitation I realized that I only had to turn the invitation on its side. I scanned the invitation and broke the design into sections. Each section became one tier of the cake. I was able to size the design section to be the exact size I needed.

The Print and Cut feature is one that I use often. I can print any image and the Silhouette Cameo will cut the outline of the image. This can be any image you can import to your computer. There is a lot of clip art available for any theme you need for your cake. You can use images your client brings, or do an internet search for an image that would work. You can scan any design you would like to work with.

A simple or very intricate design is easy to create using Print and Cut. Let your cake reflect the theme of the party.


After you have mastered the basics of using the Silhouette Cameo, you will be able to create amazing, intricate designs. Not only will it be easy to create these designs, but they will be easy to apply to a cake. I call this technique cake wraps.  That is, cutting the entire side design as one unit. You can make the design to the exact measurement of your cake so that the design matches up perfectly.


This technique works with stripes, chevrons, or even intricate cut designs.


 Using the paper method has several advantages. First, you will get very clean cuts and you will be able to cut very intricate designs. You can store your designs on the card stock. This is handy because you do not need to remove the designs from a cutting mat and put them on another mat. Because you are using the paper as your carrier sheet, you do not need to worry with cutting mats.


Monograms on cakes, especially wedding cakes are very popular. You can use any font on your computer or download thousands of fonts that are available on the internet. Your client may bring you a particular monogram on an invitation and want it the exact monogram on their cake.




The finished cake with the design from the brides wedding invitation. It requires three 6” x 12” sheets of black gum paste for all the designs. A small black shell border was added. It took about 30 minutes to cut all the designs and they were stored in the freezer until I needed to put them on the cake. All the decorations were made ahead of time which makes the day I decorate the wedding cake less stressful. It usually takes me two hours to cover a four tier cake with fondant and stack it. When the cake was ready I was able to put all the decorations on in less than an hour.


Use the clip art images that match the invitation to a birthday party.

 I love to make sugar flowers. It’s fun to make one rose, but not so fun when I need to make 24 for a cake. Using an electronic cutter helps when making several flowers. You can make these flowers any size you need. You are not limited to the size cutter you have. You can take any flower cutter you have and transform it to use with your electronic cutter. The easiest way to do this is to roll out some black gum paste and cut out the flower shape with the cutter. Scan the shape into the computer and save the scanned design.

If you need to make a flower that you do not already have a cutter for, you can use the real flower as a pattern. Carefully take the flower apart and trace around the petals or scan them into the computer. Include the leaves. Be sure to take pictures of each step of the process so you will be able to put the flower together once the pieces have been cut from sugar.

Using your Silhouette Cameo Cake machine you can create beautiful, intricate wedding cakes or fun, whimsical novelty cakes. The Cameo is my machine of choice because of the versatility it offers. It can do things the other electronic cutters cannot do. The Silhouette Studio software that comes with the machine allows great creativity.


Beautiful sugar flowers, intricate damask and scroll designs, and stand alone shaped sugar pieces are just the beginning of what you can do. Use your imagination and the techniques I have shared to create your own one of a kind masterpiece.


I show you how easy it is to wrap a cake with a design.